Friday, October 2, 2009

"Caltrop" Cantrip

This spell was developed for a halfling sorcerer, who needed it to cover his retreat, since he had a slower speed than most adversaries. As it turned out he never had an opportunity to use it before he was retired, so the spell has not been play tested.

School: Transmutation; Level: sorceror/wizard 0
Components: V, S, F (see text)
Range: close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area of effect: 5 ft. square
Duration: 1 round + 1 rounnd/2 levels)
Saving throw: Reflex negates; spell resistance: no

This spell only works on an earth or stone surface. It makes caltrop spikes grow out of the ground in a 5 by 5 foot square area. Anyone noticing the caltrops before moving through the area (Perception DC 15) can pass through safely at half speed. Others fighting or moving through the area must make a reflex save to avoid stepping on a caltrop. Stepping on a caltrop immediately stops a charge or run, and causes a foot injury that reduces the victim's base speed to half. A DC 15 Heal check or other natural and magical healing restores the victim to full speed. The effects are not cumulative and target cannot be reduced to quarter speed from crossing through two caltrop fields, or spend several rounds fighting inside a caltrop field.

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