Friday, October 23, 2009

Dwarf Traits

warrior puzzle I ran a short session with all dwarf characters, so I thought it appropriate to create some dwarf character traits.
Guard: Your were trained as a guard to be ever vigilant of possible threats, which granted you a +1 on Initiative and Perception.
Burrower: You have worked in deep mine shafts where oxygen consuming fire was rarely used, and your Darkvision has extended by 30 feet.
Voice of Authority: You were always very confident that you are right, and developed a tone that reflected that certainly resulting in +1 on all skill checks involving speech.
Hoarder: You grew up in an environment saturated with greed, where quickly spotting the biggest portion or clearest gem was the only way to get a fair share. As a result you gained a +1 trait bonus on Perception and Appraise.
Industrious: You were brought up with a heavy emphasis on industry as the quintessential dwarf virtue, and you never had an idle moment, resulting in +2 on one Craft/Profession and +1 on all others you have ranks in.
Dwarf Defender: You are sworn to protect your fellow dwarfs and gain +1 to attack any foe that injured and allied dwarf in the previous round.
Honest: You were brought up in a tight nit clan where you lived or died by your word, and carry the ethic of honesty granting you +1 on Sense Motive and Diplomacy.
Good Student: From a very young age you developed a thirst for knowledge and studied incessantly, which gives you a +1 on all Knowledge checks that you have ranks in.
Mountaineer: You were always curious of what was behind the next rock or hill, climbing peaks from an early age. +1 Climb, +1 Knowledge Geography and Survival in mountains.
Respected: Your family is well respected among dwarfs, you receive +1 Diplomacy towards dwarfs, and grant dwarfs within 30 ft. +1 on fear saves if they know of your heritage.

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