Thursday, March 24, 2011

Background Traits

warrior puzzleA short list of background traits I developed for a campaign I am running. They should easily transfer to other settings.
Fisherman: Catching fish and mending nets have made you proficient in the use of the net as a weapon.
Miri Health: The health of Mir (God of the Miri people, humans) is strong with you and you gain +2 on saves against disease.
Durable: You are used to hard labor and extended physical stress. You automatically pass the first constitution check for physical stress.
Servant: You have served all your life and know how masters like to be treated. +2 on charisma checks to gain favor with superiors.
Agrarian: You have a love for the natural world, and has forged a bond that grant you +1 on survival and knowledge nature checks.
Farmer: Since you where small you worked on the farm in any capacity you could. +1 on Profession Farmer and Handle Animal, both are in class skills for you.
Sailor: You could swim before you could walk, and worked on the water since you were young. +1 on Profession Sailor and Swim, both are in class skills for you.
Pattern Breaker: You were never content to be or do what others thought you should, but found your own ways an interests. Add any one skill to your in class skills.
Kara's Blessing: You were born with a bond to Kara (local nature deity), and some say they can see fey features on your face. Choose one Orison from the druid's spell list that you can cast 3/day.

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