Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Manacles of Kel" Wondrus Item

Golden Crown Aura faint divination CL 5th Price 8438 gp
Description These well crafted manacles can lock either on wrists or ankles, and the chain link connecting the two can be attached or dis-attached. There is no key for them as they work command word. While locked on a subject, the subject suffers 10 points of nonlethal damage and is fatigued. Neither can be alleviated while the manacles are in place. The subject can also only speak and understand Kalduhr. Wresting free of the manacles is near impossible without knowing the command word, it requires a DC 40 Escape Artist or DC 38 strength check to break them. The manacles have a hardness of 12 and 20 hit points, but can however be escaped by way of Remove Curse.
Setting These manacles are setting specific, but could easily be transferred to another setting. Kel is a god of communication and the Kalduhr language, which is primarily spoken by dwarfs.
Construction Craft Wondrous Item, Tongues, Hold Portal, Touch of Fatigue; Cost 4219 gp

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